“La Via del Volano” room&breakfast whose construction follows a philosophy of environmental sustainability, has decided to adopt eco-friendly products for the cleaning of all its rooms and natural cosmetics for the daily hygiene of its customers in order to guarantee a “sustainable cleanness” .

“Officina Naturae” produces “Solara”, Eco Detergenza ICEA certified products, for home cleaning and natural cosmetics “Natù”.

Solara uses surfactants derived from Italian raw material of vegetable origins, easily found round the corner, with a low environmental impact for cultivation, processing and logistic. The bottles are 100% bio-plastic derived from sugar cane reducing in this way pollution and CO2 emissions.

The dosage of the products is lower than others detergents. Some products are available even without scents in order to reduce allergies and chemical sensitivity.

Products are Eco Bio Detergenza ICEA certified, guaranteeing a low environmental impact and a high efficiency. Products in skin contact are dermatologically and nickel tested.

The natural cosmetics “Natù” are formulated with surfactants of vegetal origin, scented with essential oils only containing preservatives of food degree. Thanks to these properties they clean without irritating the skin. They are formulated to contribute to the reduction of risk of allergies.

“Officina Naturae” products follow VeganOK terms and are not tested on animals.