LA VIA DEL VOLANO Room & Breakfast is located in Codigoro in the province of Ferrara along the river Po di Volano in the north-east of the Po Delta Park in Emilia Romagna. Navigation along the River Po had always played an important role in the history and culture of this territory, therefore many vessels used to sail the river Po carrying food and goods. Today we can go along the same routes following fascinating and unchanged itineraries. Our Room&Breakfast “La Via del Volano” – which is right in the heart of the Po Delta Park established in 1988 by Emilia Romagna Region - suggests visiting these extraordinary landscapes whose original environment is still well preserved and protected.



The Po di Volano is a branch of the river Po which departs from Stellata and flows into the sea as estuary mouth nearby Lido di Volano. From Stellata to Ferrara it is called Burana, then from there to the sea it takes the name of Po di Volano passing through many different towns and villages of the province of Ferrara and finally through Codigoro. The navigable course of the river goes from the dock of Codigoro to the sea and along it there are various moorings where boats can leave or moor.

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“La Via del Volano” is a new building whose construction follows our philosophy of environmental sustainability. It is a high-efficiency building exploiting solar energy. Thanks to the biological plasters of the inner spaces, guests can stay in a healthy and comfortable location. There are 4 rooms with a private bathroom - one of them equipped for disabled people -, a comfortable breakfast room, a private parking area and a big sunny terrace with deckchairs and tables where guests can relax.



We offer B&B stay, preferring local products for breakfast, and agreements with typical restaurants and shops, bikes rental, naturalistic trips by boat, by bicycle or on foot to the Po Delta Park and guided tours to places of historic interest that the Estense family belonged a few centuries ago. Italian and foreign tourists can easily find information about the territory visiting our info-point. We would be also glad to help and advise them for any kind of trips in this suggestive territory through our Italian/English/ Spanish-speaking staff. Our guests’ pets are welcome with microchip and health card



“La Via del Volano” is an ideal starting point for nature lovers, photographers and birdwatchers.The river course, starting from the dock of Codigoro up to the open sea, the so called sea area Sacca di Goro, is a marvellous trip among the impenetrable reeds and the “bilancioni”- small typical fishermen’s houses on the river bank. The river flows under the highway Romea, at Passo Pomposa, where it is possible to admire the bell tower of the famous Abbey, and it goes on between the Oasi di Canneviè and Valle Bertuzzi. It finally reaches the sea completing its course in the sea area which includes Lido di Volano and a strip of land also known as Isola dell’Amore (Island of Love). The Lagoons of Comacchio and Mesola Wood are also ideal places for excursions.

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